The better book tracker.

I'm currently building out what I've been mentally calling "the better book tracker". Stemming from my huge love of Letterboxd, disdain of using Goodreads, and not necessarily thinking I need the analytics or other niche features in an application like Storygraph, I've decided there's no better way to get what I want than do it myself.

Not meant to be anything more than a project for personal use, I want to test my abilities and also learn new. Here's a loose, "roadmap" of sorts, listing out key features:

  • Have common sense shelves
  • Proper (to me*) search functionality (also an autocomplete search)
  • Better support for book formats
  • Better rating system
  • Good explore or search functionality. Some sort of recommendation on the book's page
  • Ability to view history of books read + all stats of them
  • Simple tracking stats
    • Number of books read (weekly/monthly/yearly/all time)
    • Progress to yearly goal
    • Favorites
    • Recently read
    • Currently reading

Now that that's out of the way. There are some things I want to accomplish. This is the first project I'm really putting in effort to try and build. As a result, my main goal is to finish it. Whether or not I use it long term, update it, share it with friends, doesn't really matter to me all that much. Now with that in mind, it would be pretty sweet to port this to an iOS app so I could use it as an actual app. Becoming a published App Store developer would be pretty sweet.

So that's all for now. I'll update this along the way 🤠

last updated: january 7th, 2024